FAQ'S - Frequently Asked Questions in relation to Internships

This section shows some with questions you may have as a future intern and feel curious about when doing an internship in Malta. If you are looking for more information about what exactly it involves and how you can really benefit from an internship in Malta with 251Malta see the answers below.

What sort of internships are available ?

251Malta offers internship programmes in most sectors such as; Administration, Marketing, Business Development, Market Research, Human Resources, Travel & Tourism, Banking & Finance and IT and many more.

Do I qualify for an internship in Malta?

You automatically qualify if you:

  • Are aged 17 and over.

  • Have a European Passport.

  • Have an English level of B1 or B2.

  • Have health insurance cover or have the EIII card.

How do I sign up ?

Please contact us for more information on how to apply.

How much does it cost to do an Internship ?

Our internships service at 251Malta is very affordable compared to the cost of enrolling in other educational programs and the results will be great for the successful continuation of your studies and future career. Please contact us via email (251maltainfo@gmail.com) for a specific price.

Will I be paid for the internship ?

No, candidates participating in the Professional Internship Program will not be paid for the internship. It is a voluntary non-paid training period. However, some host companies may offer to contribute towards your local transport costs and other host companies may decide to offer you additional benefits, but this is entirely at their discretion.

If the work placement is not paid by the host company how can I finance my internship in Malta ?

Trainees can ask for financial help or scholarships if they participate in an internship in Malta. Please ask your tutor or internships advisor, in your University or College, about how you can apply for financial assistance. Your program may qualify for the EU Funded Erasmus + , Leonardo scholarship and/or other regional government backed grants.

How does 251Malta chose the host organisation?

At 251Malta we look at your CV and your cover letter so it is important that you use the Europass template which you can download here. Tell us what kind of host organization you would like and give us as much information about your education and experience as possible.​

Can I expect an interview by the host company ?

Yes, most likely. As you are probably based outside Malta at the time of your application, most companies opt for a Skype/telephone interview to ensure your level of English is sufficient and find out a little about your background. It is also an opportunity to explain what will be expected of you and for you to ask you a few questions in return.

What type of assignments will I be given ?

This will be based on your capability to assimilate and learn new material, your level of English, and your general enthusiasm for getting involved in various different projects. The more open minded and focused you are, the more responsibility you are likely to be given. You are there to learn, work along with the permanent staff and assist them in their daily tasks.

What clothes do I need to bring for the placement ?

You need to bring smart formal clothes for your placement. Jeans and trainers are not allowed. You should bring a few neat, well-presented shirts, trousers and shoes. Females should also bring reserved skirts and males should bring at least one tie.


How will my employer behave towards me ?

You will have a wonderful experience and make many new friends through your "colleagues" in your host company.

Your work colleagues will treat you with every respect and they will understand that it will take you one or two weeks before you have the confidence to ask questions and feel like a member of staff.

251Malta specializes in offering internships to students from other countries so we understand exactly how you are feeling during the first week or two, so don't worry.

Everything will be great as long as you make the effort to speak in English and do your very best at all times.


Can my host company sack me ?

Yes, however, only in extreme circumstances would this happen and typically only in the event of gross misconduct.  251Malta would be obliged to formally interview both the host company and yourself so as to establish the reason for the dismissal and report back to your academic institution. After that a decision would be made as to whether to offer you a new internship or not.


What happens if I am not happy with my internship ?

Firstly, try to explain your concerns to your manager as it may be a simple question of readjusting your work responsibilities or other internal matters. Alternatively, we at  251Malta will become involved with the host company and yourself to try and find a solution to the situation so you can successfully complete your internship.

What kind of hours will I be working ?

We would advise you to do the same working hours as other members of staff in the company, which is usually from 09.00- 17.30 Monday to Friday with one hour for lunch.


Do I have free time?

Yes, of course you have free time. Most interns work Monday to Friday, normal working hours. They have evenings and weekends to themselves. Some internships involve different hours, or even different days on the company work roster, but you'll normally work about 36-40 hours a week anyway.


Can I travel during my internship ?

Yes, there are many beautiful places to discover all over Malta and most destinations are within easy reach to spend a day there. You may also be given permission by your host company for a couple of days of leave in order to return home briefly during your stay in Malta.​

Will I live close to my internship location ?

If you choose to live with a host family, we will do our best to locate you as close to your host company as possible, however, as with every major city, people can expect to commute anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to reach their destination via public transport.


What is living with a host family like ?

Some students choose to stay with a host family as it offers the classic comfort and convenience of living in a home away from home. Host families are vetted by our staff. You will have a private room, or a shared room with a shared bathroom. Breakfast & dinner, laundry and Internet are typically included in the price.


Is accommodation included in the fee ?

No, accommodation is extra whether you opt to stay with a host family, share an apartment or stay in a hotel.​

What if my plane is delayed and I arrive later than expected ?

Before you leave your own country you should have been given an Emergency telephone number. All you need to do is make sure that you call this number and send us an email explaining what has happened. All of the arrangements for your arrival will have already been made so it is important that you let us know as soon as possible if there are any changes.

If you know you are going to be late, then please contact us !

Travelling to Malta?

Before booking your flight check how much it will cost you to travel to Malta. Here are the main airlines that operate to Malta.